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Themes for 2018

The brain trust has met and plotted our course for 2018. We should have at least a few good themes for you, regardless of the state of your kit stash. I hope you'll participate in at least a few of the themes this year. 

January - Like it says on the tin; build the model like the box art.

February - Agitate some gravel; Competition cars of all kinds.

March -  It's a snap! Snap kits; they can be cars, planes, or any other kind.

April - Dawn of driving to the death of disco; cars made before 1987

May - Low rider or assembly line? Chevy Impalas, any year.

June - Song of the road; cars from songs, movies, or TV.

July - We got the Beatniks; cars of the '50s. (1950-1959)

August - No theme this month because it will be the BBQ

September - Show me what you got; show rods, Kustoms, and concept cars.

October - Anything but a car.

November - The Wheels of Commerce; Commercial, emergency vehicles, and pickup trucks

December - Big and Small; anything but 1/24th and 1/25 scale models. Can be larger or smaller.

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