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An Interesting Tidbit for Black History Month

I was reading Hot Rod Magazine, and came across their interview with Ed Welburn. Ed started as a designer with General Motors right out of college, and went on to become head of GM design, and vice president of Global Design for GM. Ed sounds like my kind of guy. Loves cars, and thinks about them as whole systems. 

He had this to say about model cars:

HRM] You used to build model cars when you were a kid. Was that good training for your career?

EW] It was. Because I never just built them by the instructions as a stock model. I had to modify them in some way. I had to make them look like the drag cars in the magazines, and I was reading the magazines all the time. I was building them as hot rods or drag cars. I really wasn’t into custom cars that much.

I recommend you take the few minutes to read the whole interview at Hot Rod Magazine.

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